February 2017 - The wastewater-project

Jürgen Fahl and me, we visited Jifna to discuss the possibility to get support from Engagement Global for a waste-water-project in Jifna.

The center of Jifna.

The pool gets its water pumped up from Virgin St. Mary's Spring (6m below the surface)
This water is not clean, because of the WC's in the houses around the center place. 
The toilets dump their faeces down to the ground into the  layers of crumbled ancient buildings below

Mayor Maher Abu Khali, Jürgen Fahl, Michael Shqair on the hillside up to Jalazoun,
from where the wastewater comes down the hill inside the wastewaterline
(and sometimes even outside). Downhill you can look at Jifna in the north.

The wastewater-pipeline downstream outside of Jifna